Item collection 47120 original

beaded grey cotton bangle bracelet beaded bracelet hand dyed cord bangle fabric design 631


Item collection 1178387 original

beaded beach anklet sandal wear ankle bracelet barefoot fashion 546


Item collection 1175327 original

big pink beaded double toggle ragged rope cuff bracelet 908


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beaded cotton cuff bracelet 1231


Item collection 2049368 original

tribal inspired wedge bangle 1642


Item collection 2020005 original

wide ankle cuff beaded anklet barefoot wear large size handmade artifact 1596


Item collection 2083107 original

wrapped and beaded anklet ankle bracelet colorful beach anklet handmade artifact modern relic 1678


Item collection 2092682 original

red and purple beaded cuff bracelet with one button toggle 1644


Item collection 1175812 original

blue and grey beaded double toggle rope cuff bracelet sea glass mystery origins handmade artifact 915


Item collection 1744438 original

chunky three strand oversize adjustable rope bracelet 1360


Item collection 1175436 original

hot pink and yellow toggle bracelet small 427


Item collection 2166155 original

snowdrift cotton cuff bracelet rope bracelet fiber art bracelet modernist style 1683


Item collection 2049301 original

cotton cord cuff 11 strand rope bracelet 1650


Item collection 2092106 original

two button bead fantasy cuff bracelet extra wide anti clastic forms remote culture inspired design 1643


Item collection 2092097 original

blue green two button beaded hand dyed cotton cuff bracelet primitive form modern materials 1679


Item collection 2112793 original

modern primitive style cotton cuff bracelet with beads 1673


Item collection 569625 original

Blue-green beaded toggle bracelet 941


Item collection 6663925 original

white cotton beaded soft bangle bracelet fabric bracelet beaded bracelet fiber art bracelet 651


Item collection 1896746 original

tribal style ankle cuff blue and black beaded anklet freeform design casual sandal accessory 1574


Item collection 1175344 original

earth ankle cuff with beads 588


Item collection 1175564 original

soft bangle bracelet fabric bracelet edge stitched cotton cord bracelet 1040


Item collection 1175740 original

ragged chic two button fiber art cuff rope bracelet 1057


Item collection 153756 original

pink beaded toggle closure anklet 490


Item collection 1999731 original

wide sculptural beaded cuff bracelet ancient relic modern replica fantasy design 1632


Item collection 2049340 original

two button extra wide tribal inspired cuff with beads 1652


Item collection 2024817 original

three bead toggle cuff bracelet wide bracelet multi color cotton bracelet 1634


Item collection 138260 original

frayed fiber bracelet 543


Item collection 1175224 original

beaded double toggle cuff bracelet 932


Item collection 659816 original

black & blue soft spike cuff bracelet 1042


Item collection 1999713 original

twisted string soft bangle 1573


Item collection 1322942 original

black cord cuff with blue beads and button 1230


Item collection 1175754 original

frayed cotton grommet bracelet in color 663


Item collection 374713 original

Blue & white beaded soft bangle 931


Item collection 403934 original

black and tan wood bead bangle bracelet 927


Item collection 1001263 original

blue and white beaded toggle bracelet 935


Item collection 2082607 original

blue wedge bangle GEOmetry series 1449


Item collection 2166118 original

wide cotton cuff loop and toggle 1636


WhatKnotShop innovative rope bracelets and fiber design

WhatKnotShop offers both traditional and innovative designs of rope bracelets in a variety of hand dyed colors. Each item in the shop is made individually by hand and shipped directly to you. Custom work is available by request. If you have questions about size or design please contact me and reference a product listing. Shop owners may request special discounts for quantity orders.