Item collection 1175327 original

big pink beaded double toggle ragged rope cuff bracelet 908


Item collection 1929177 original

bright white and yellow rope bracelet turks head knot sailor bracelet synthetic cord bracelet armband 835


Item collection 101554 original

white cotton turks head knot sailor bracelet large 300


Item collection 2214987 original

tube bracelet white cotton cord bracelet rope bracelet soft bangle bracelet oversize bangle 1734


Item collection 2020005 original

wide ankle cuff beaded anklet barefoot wear large size handmade artifact 1596


Item collection 2092682 original

red and purple beaded cuff bracelet with one button toggle 1644


Item collection 2092106 original

two button bead fantasy cuff bracelet extra wide anti clastic forms remote culture inspired design 1643


Item collection 2092097 original

blue green two button beaded hand dyed cotton cuff bracelet primitive form modern materials 1679


Item collection 650172 original

extra wide rope bracelet kit adjustable nylon cord DIY cuff bracelet 1022


Item collection 1897648 original

triple herringbone weave wide cuff bracelet adjustable bracelet 1470


Item collection 1897696 original

wide triple weave paracord rope bracelet herringbone pattern adjustable bracelet armband 1458


Item collection 2012937 original

grey and white adjustable herringbone cuff bracelet or ankle bracelet knot bracelet turks head bracelet custom fit 1473


Item collection 2049445 original

triple weave nylon turks head knot bracelet adjustable 1456


Item collection 2176100 original

teal blue cotton turks head knot sailor bracelet 1563


Item collection 652321 original

adjustable string bracelet synthetic cord bracelet turks head knot bracelet 1043


Item collection 1999731 original

wide sculptural beaded cuff bracelet ancient relic modern replica fantasy design 1632


Item collection 646674 original

white wide cotton cuff knot bracelet 611


Item collection 2024817 original

three bead toggle cuff bracelet wide bracelet multi color cotton bracelet 1634


Item collection 1322936 original

teal blue cotton wide turks head bracelet 1170


Item collection 650178 original

black turks head sailor bracelet medium 1018


Item collection 1174464 original

black and grey asymmetrical knot rope bracelet turks head bracelet knotted bracelet wristband 1304


Item collection 101546 original

white paracord turks head knot sailor rope bracelet 377


Item collection 97888 original

white wide paracord bracelet extra large 487


Item collection 761075 original

white nylon wide herringbone turks head knot rope bracelet med 199


Item collection 1897684 original

single strand white hybrid herringbone weave turks head knot rope bracelet adjustable bracelet 1475


Item collection 1001263 original

blue and white beaded toggle bracelet 935


Item collection 646668 original

dark violet silicone turks head knot bracelet 608


Item collection 54815 original

rope bracelet wide nylon knotted bangle bracelet rope jewelry nautical bracelet 635


WhatKnotShop innovative rope bracelets and fiber design

WhatKnotShop offers both traditional and innovative designs of rope bracelets in a variety of hand dyed colors. Each item in the shop is made individually by hand and shipped directly to you. Custom work is available by request. If you have questions about size or design please contact me and reference a product listing. Shop owners may request special discounts for quantity orders.