Item collection 2083107 original

wrapped and beaded anklet ankle bracelet colorful beach anklet handmade artifact modern relic 1678


Item collection 32355 original

three wrapped soft bangle bracelets stacking bracelets 222


Item collection 98717 original

set of 3 fiber wrapped soft bangles medium 478


Item collection 32231 original

beaded choker necklace 219


Item collection 30624 original

set of 3 fiber wrapped soft bangles large 180


Item collection 659484 original

red and purple soft bangle 1016


Item collection 771412 original

blue and grey fiber wrapped bangle bracelet extra large 849


Item collection 660915 original

red and purple soft bangle extra large 176


Item collection 86070 original

purple, grey and blue soft bangle 447


Item collection 166662 original

red and grey soft bangle 101


Item collection 101113 original

red and tan hemp fiber wrapped bangles 143


Item collection 32261 original

blue and green wrapped fiber bangle bracelet 261


Item collection 30866 original

blue and purple fiber wrapped bangle bracelet 174


Item collection 30862 original

blue fiber wrapped bangle bracelet 175


Item collection 32350 original

blue grey fiber wrapped necklace 223


Item collection 32328 original

red and grey fiber wrapped choker necklace 220


Item collection 32251 original

green blue and white fiber wrapped necklace 699


WhatKnotShop innovative rope bracelets and fiber design

WhatKnotShop offers both traditional and innovative designs of rope bracelets in a variety of hand dyed colors. Each item in the shop is made individually by hand and shipped directly to you. Custom work is available by request. If you have questions about size or design please contact me and reference a product listing. Shop owners may request special discounts for quantity orders.