Grew up on the east coast spending summers on the ocean side of Narragansett Bay one of the great natural harbors in the world. Spent lots of time in sailboats off the coast of Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Learned knot tying from the Ashley Book of Knots and lots of trial and error practice.

Went to design school in Minnesota and worked as an architect for small design firms and gargantuan corporations. I prefer the smaller more innovative atmosphere of design offices where creativity is valued. Opened a partnership in April 2010 to offer sustainable design services to clients worldwide.

I like to keep my hands busy and the results are available here on Zibbet as well as Etsy and Artfire.

I also maintain a blog of recent work that you might be interested in. Lots of photos to look at:

And a guide to picking your correct size.

I know I have a lot of competition. Low cost producers are everywhere. Be sure to check the quality of the work before you buy. I think you will come back here when you compare quality, price and service.

When you are ready for something unique and special drop me a message and we'll make one for you.

WhatKnotShop innovative rope bracelets and fiber design

WhatKnotShop offers both traditional and innovative designs of rope bracelets in a variety of hand dyed colors. Each item in the shop is made individually by hand and shipped directly to you. Custom work is available by request. If you have questions about size or design please contact me and reference a product listing. Shop owners may request special discounts for quantity orders.